Abacuc Flower is a male unicorn and is a former antagonist in Lingers, which is currently an anti-hero and a supporting protagonist.

Abacuc Flower.png


Abacuc is first shown to be a rascal, mischievous, manipulative that easily pulls pranks on your goals through the use of its powerful magic, illusions, hypnotism and with little or no regard for their victims. He has a sense of charisma and drama, preferring to be playful towards their victims before starting work; This is shown when he mocks and banters with Gingers and Princess Mary in Ponyland. He laughs and has fun with his magical chaos, especially at the expense of others. Among other things, Abacuc turns the ponies against each other, making Abigail unhappy and depressed, and generally makes ridiculous things to happen.

Despite being a good friend of the heart, it can also sometimes be a braggart, arrogant, selfish, arrogant, self-centered, stubborn and overconfident as he underestimated the ability of unicorns and creatures to restore their friendship and manage the magical elements. Despite a fondness for chaos, it can easily become bored if things do not go his way; he becomes impatient when he can not corrupt Zaria as easily as other creatures.

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