Abegail Toadstool is a female cat and is a of the main protagonists in Lingers.

Abegail Toadstool.png


Abegail has one output, the very kind personality. She gets up to your friends and try to help them whenever they can. Sometimes it can be selfish and use their magic for his own pleasure but the magic at the end of the day, she realizes abusing is wrong and learn from your mistakes.

Abegail is very social and strives to fit in school, even if it means using spells to do it. Like when she made clones of herself so she could join any school clubs or when she and Cloetta used a spell to shrink to fit into a pair of jeans. But when the spells backfire, Abegail realizes being herself, doing what makes you happy, and do not care so much what other people think is better than trying so hard to fit.

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