Abigail Moose is a female cat and is the main protagonist of Lingers. She is one of seven main characters of Lingers. She is the princess of Ponyland.

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Abigail is, by default, a kind and sweet girl, but is very strict and orderly. She has a very high sense of responsibility and appreciates the hard work and eduction. It is also extremely organized, and Jay look at their daily checklists three times. During his childhood and teenage years living in Ponyland, Abigail began as a bit of a loner, valuing school and education about friendship and social participation, which led to many disappointment of his acquaintances (except for Jay) when they tried to invite her to participate meetings and social parties, or in general to have fun. After being sent to Ponyland by Mary on an assignment to supervise the next celebration Ponyland Events. She is very intelligent and understands everything about magic and how it works and it is highly intelligent for someone underestimate their knowledge and talents of magic.


Habbakuk Moose (brother)

Ivy Lily (sister-in-law)

Carmina Sparks (mother)

Ferdinand Moose (father)









Cameron (former boyfriend and friend)

Habakkuk Camera (boyfriend)


  • She is similiar to Twilight Sparkle.
  • She previously had a crush on Cameron, but everything has changed since Habakkuk Camera reached Ponyland, the implicit is that Abigail may have ended with Cameron before Habakkuk reach the city.
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