Habakkuk Camera is a male cat and is a supporting protagonist in Lingers.

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Habakkuk is portrayed in the series as friendly, cheerful, funny, and a little self-absorbed. Initially, it appears to alunoscampistas of Ponyland High as "that awesome guy, that should always be invited to fun things." When Habakkuk knows and interacts with Abigail, he plays with it and play a lot while at the same time reflecting a little of your social embarrassment.

Throughout the series, Habakkuk has tense confrontations with her sister Daisy Camera, resenting how it overloads on trying to please campers. His concern for her only gets worse when she wears equestrian magic while trying to save the camp and warns against using it. Regardless, Habakkuk cares deeply for her sister, as shown when he is in tears, calling for her after she turns and when he hugs her when she returns to normal.

Habakkuk is also described as being a little smart, as he has knowledge of some rocks and plants. He is also a bit selfish, demonstrated when he jokingly tries to take credit for saving the campers.


Daisy Camera (sister)

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